School Uniforms

  1. The uniform is compulsory on all working days. However children are permitted to wear colour dress on their birthdays and any days permitted.
  2. The uniform and shoes must be neat and tidy
  3. Gold ornaments of any kind are strictly banned.
  4. Fingernails must be kept clean and neatly trimmed


LKG – Std IV : Shorts, Shirt, Black Shoe, Socks, Belt, Tie
V – X : Pants, Shirts, Black Shoe, Socks, Belt, Tie
XI – XII : Blue & white Stripped Full Sleeve Shirt, Dark Blue Tie, Dark Blue Trousers, Black Shoes


LKG – Std V :     Frock, Black Shoe, Socks, Belt
VI – X :     Churidar, Umbrella Cut Kurtha (Without Slits), Overcoat with  Slit  at  the  back, Black Shoe, Socks.
XI – XII :     Light Steel Blue Blazer, Attached Blue & White Striped shirt, Dark Blue Hemline-Pleated Long Skirt, Black Shoes