Mathematics Club

Mathematics Club is a supportive learning environment for Mathematics where a group of people develop and practice their mathematical skills in an enjoyable and energetic manner. It’s main aim is to have fun, to learn a lot of math and help others in math.One can play games ,create work of art ,make puzzles and riddles that use math.
The importance of this club is to make students Mathematics minded. It helps in developing heuristic and problem solving attitude among students.To develop interest of students for learning mathematics. To stimulate children’s mathematical curiosity.To develop critical thinking and logical reasoning powers among the students.To provide opportunity to learn about great mathematicians and their contribution. The purpose of math club is to develop students’ level of math skill and knowledge
Activities of Mathematical Club
* Celebrating days and events related to great mathematicians.
* Organising debate, quiz contests, Exhibition and Mathematical Fairs.
* Engaging students in Maths Lab Activities
* Chart preparation and Clay modelling.