Art Education & Art Integrated Education

Our school is providing Art education from lower classes onwards. Art is a part of our life. Imagination creates art when an object, an event or any other thing influence an artist emotionally and when it is represented through the language of art, an artistic form is born. In all eras, painting and sculpture have influenced aesthetic minds. In fine arts, drawing and painting holds importance. An awareness of lines, shape, colour type, quality, light, shade, tone, place, time, arrangements etc., makes the perfect blooming of aesthetic sense in us.
Painting is a visual art. The study of painting makes us learn about the diction and linguistics of this visual art. Thus the enjoyment levels of their art forms are being developed. An understanding of the Craft is very essential in learning art. Expertise is needed for presenting and representing an object without fault. The skill is in employing the artistic tools and polishing the product to the finest form. Craft has an indispensable role in
evolving this final artistic creation.