1. Admission to Lower K.G. Class can be sought once the child completes four years of age
  2. New admission to other classes will be made subject to the vacancies in each class, in
    the month of April / May after the announcement of the annual results.
  3. Admission to Standard XI is made as soon as the CBSE results of class X are published.
  4. Direct admission to class 10 and 12 are made after getting consent for the same from CBSE.

Every new pupil must bring:

  1. a valid Transfer Certificate from the school they have previously studied.
  2. Copy of the Birth Certificate along with its original.
  3. Colour passport  size photo.

Procedure for Withdrawal or Removal from The School

A student can be withdrawn from the school:

  1. By giving one calendar month’s notice in writing. In the absence of such a notice
    one month’s fee will be charged.