The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012 aims to punish those engaging in sexual crimes against children, while safeguarding their interests at every stage of the judicial process.

Our school has a pocso cell headed by  the principal to hear complaints of sexual misconduct and exploitation among students.

A student can either directly submit a written complaint of sexual exploitation or misconduct to the committee or leave it in the complaint box, with or without mentioning his or her identity. The complaint box will be opened once every week.

 Principal : Mrs. Nisha Aby
 Vice Principal : Mrs. Rupa K Varghese
 Teacher : Mrs. Mini Suresh
 Teacher : Mrs. Jaisy Jose
Psychologist : Sri. Georgekutty Luckose
 Teacher : Mrs. Sreela Devi
 Student Representative : School Prime Minister
 Student Representative : School Dpty PM