About our School

Education is the most potential weapon that can transform a society. Development of a nation is a reflection of its educational system and practice. A perfect educational system would enhance the growth of the individuals and the society.

Newman Central School is the outcome of a dream realized by a group of academicians and professionals. Their philosophy of Gandhian thoughts urged them to strive towards the establishment of an outstanding educational institution in a village. This venture to start a school which follows the Gandhian thoughts “from village to new heights through perfect education” came into reality under the name “Newman Society for Education and Charity,Mangadu”. Under this society, this school was established in a panoramic site located 61⁄2 kms east of Adoor along the side of Adoor-Punalur road. The school is named Newman Central School aiming at the young students admitted here to be shaped as a “New Man”.

The school curriculum is more elaborate than the prescribed CBSE syllabus. Here education aims at overall knowledge and development of the children. In order to face the challenges of increasing competitions and technological advancements the young generation needs thorough training in attaining leadership qualities, interpersonal skills and pragmatic knowledge.

The changing concept and life-style of nuclear families often lead to many adolescent problems and deviant behaviors of teenagers. Individual attention, opportunities to seek their identity and talent, personalized care and counselling would transform such students into creative young people.

The students get ample opportunities for extra curricular activities. Newman’s students are systematically trained to face the uncertainties and tensions of the modern world through systematic mental and physical training. The academic experts as well as psychological and medical experts of the school plan every possible measure to mould its students as physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy individuals who would lead our society to a better future. Here our students enjoy the happiness of freedom of expression in addition to the excellence in their academics.