Infrastructure Details

The school functions mainly in three blocks situated in the same School Compound. School has well furnished class rooms and well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, Mathematics & Psychology. Teachers take their classes with the support of the equipment available in the laboratories. Our library has a vast availability of different types of books to cater the interest of students of different ages. We have precisely 11465 books here for the students. Excluding this, there are 1710 reference books, 9 different types of periodicals, 5 dailies in English and Malayalam, and almost twelve different library resources such as maps, charts, Encyclopedia, general knowledge books,question banks, dictionaries and books on current issues. We add more books every year to this collection. Other necessary requirements like Audio Visual Room, drinking water facility, big playground, hygienic toilets (Urinals, Washroom) separately for boys and girls are also available in this School.