Nallapadam is a unit for improving the social goodwill of the students and teachers in
Newman Central School. This project is meant to inculcate the young minds with a sense of
humanity and civic responsibility. Under this club, there are various initiatives which aid to
channel their energy for betterment of the society as well as to generate a feeling of empathy
towards the people in need. The unit has been an active member of Manorama nallapadam,
hence has been recognized and rewarded for the past 3 years.
The activities under nallapadam has been designed to impart in students the following

● love and friendly attitude towards nature
● importance of food and the problem of hunger
● empathetic mind and compassion towards others
● awareness about the impact of drugs
● harmony and co-operative attitude among students
● moral values like respect for others and positive mind
● awareness about national, state and other festive holidays