General Rules

  1. Every pupil shall attend the class regularly and punctually. Children must reach the school before the first bell. Late comers must take permission from the Principal to attend the class.
  2. Children must bring to school all the books and note books and all that are necessary for the day’s work including the school diary.
  3. School assembly is held on Monday. At the stroke of the first bell students should be seated in the concerned classes. At the stroke of the second bell students should move to the assembly area and line up according to their heights. As the school bell goes they shall stand in perfect and with folded hands. Prayers must be said with respect and devotion. When the assembly is dispersed children shall go back to their classes in silence and in order.
  4. Do not throw bits of paper or other rubbish anywhere in the school premises. Please put it in the bins provided for this purpose.
  5. During class time children shall not leave the premises without the permission of the Principal.
  6. Do not bring any objectionable literature or comics, mobile, CD’s, Pen drive, memory cards, SIM cards, tab, toys, medicines or things which are harmful to the human body to the school without the knowledge of the Principal/ Class teacher.
  7. The School shall not be responsible for the loss of books, money, clothes or other valuables. Pupils must look after their own things. It is advisable not to bring money or valuable articles to school.
  8. The school is your school. Take care that no damages are caused to the school properties. Damages caused by a student shall be made good at the parent’s cost.
  9. Parents or Guardians shall not visit their children / teachers in class rooms.
  10. Collection of money for any purpose what so ever by students will not be permitted without the knowledge of the Principal.
  1. Private Tuitions are normally discouraged, but may be allowed in consultation with the Principal.
  2. Malpractices during examination will lead to disciplinary action.
  3. All students are expected to bring lunch with them. Students who are going home for lunch during the lunch break should get special permission from Principal priorly.
  4. Students are strictly warned not to buy any eatables from the street vendors.
  5. Irregular attendance, non-payment of fees, habitual disobedience and conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school, justify dismissal at anytime of the year.
  6. Parents who wish to take home their wards during class time, shall send a written request to the Principal explaining the reasons.
  7. A student should have a minimum of 85% attendance in order to qualify him/ her for promotion to higher class.
  8. Physical Education is compulsory for all pupils.
  9. Students marching from one class room to another shall do so in order, keeping to the left always and shall observe perfect silence on their way.
  10. Students must read the notice board and pay attention to the announcements made in the assembly everyday.
  11. Periodical progress report must be collected by parents, and must be returned to school immediately duly signed by the parent or guardian.
  12. Any pupil who tampers with the progress report or found guilty of any other kind of malpractice in this connection is liable to severe disciplinary action.
  13. When a call goes to the parents from the school in connection with child’s work or conduct at school, the parents should kindly make it a point to respond to it in time.
  14. It is compulsory that all the students should make use of the vast library facilities available and improve their comprehension. While using the library books utmost care should be taken to prevent any sort of loss or damages.