Grievance committee

As per the guidelines by the CBSE, a committee for redressal of grievances has been set up where the grievances of students are addressed. The Cell has representatives from both staff and students. A Suggestions Box has been put up on the ground floor of the main building and students can write and drop in their grievances and suggestions. However, oral grievances and suggestions are also accepted and attended promptly. The primary objective of the cell is to provide an opportunity  for students to voice their grievances and suggestions and also to make the students feel that they are an important stakeholder in the Institution.

Committee Members

Er. Thomas Mathew                       – Manager

Mrs. Nisha Aby                                – Principal

Mrs. Rupa K Varghese                   – Vice Principal

Mrs. Bency Mathew                       – GC for KG

Mrs. Sreela Devi                             – GC for Classes 1 & 2

Mrs. Pooja P.V                                – GC for Classes 3 & 4

Mrs. Beena Zacharia                     – GC for Classes 5 & 6

Mrs. Padmaja P V                          – GC for Classes 7 & 8

Mrs. Kavitha S Nair                      – GC for Classes 9 – 12